IT’s OKAY! Pobody’s Nerfect!

Hey Friends! I’m going to level with you…this blog post is not about DIY or Home Decor. It’s about something so much more dear to my heart. Every so often I am going to share more personal posts simply because I want to share what’s on my heart with all of you. SO here we go…October is Dyslexia awareness month!

Today on the blog I am sharing something that I have never shared with my blog family. I am talking about my children and their struggles with Dyslexia. I wanted to share our story in hopes that it would be an encouragement to others who may struggle in the same way.

First off I want to quickly share what Dyslexia is and is NOT in case you are not familiar. The Mayo Clinic Website states “Dyslexia is a learning disorder that involves difficulty reading due to problems identifying speech sounds and learning how they relate to letters and words (decoding). Also called reading disability, dyslexia affects areas of the brain that process language.” If you would like to learn more about the early signs and symptoms you can go HERE.

Here is what Dyslexia is NOT. Dyslexia is NOT simply “b” “d” reversals. It is not seeing backwards. It does not mean you are ADHD or ADD if you are Dyslexic and it does NOT mean you are unintelligent or cannot learn…quite the opposite actually! It also does NOT mean that you can’t be successful or that you will not be able to go to college or become whatever it is you’d like to be!

Did you know that 1 in 5 struggle with Dyslexia? I have two children, and both my son and daughter have been diagnosed, Dyslexic Learners. Both of my children struggled to read from and early age and well into middle school and yet both of my children have high IQs. Thankfully, both my children are extremely hard workers and refuse to quit on themselves.

Dyslexia has made something that is so easy, that most of us take for granted into a major challenge for my children. Dyslexia also caused a huge amount of anxiety for my kids. They lived with the fear of being teased and were constantly worried that they would read or spell a word wrong in front of the class. They struggled with their self-esteem for years and often felt “stupid” (their words, not mine).

Because they were Dyslexic, homework took 2-3 times as long to read and complete than it did for their classmates…yet they never gave up. Tears were a regular part of homework…lots of tears. Their tears and yes, mine too. It broke my heart seeing them struggle each day, but I want you to know there is hope!

I am writing this now on the other side. My children have struggled and climbed this mountain (so to speak) for 10 LONG years and are now at the top. People they meet now would never know that they ever struggled so much. My son is 14 and is devouring book after book…he even reads through his lunch break and in the car. His cursive writing is beautiful and he is excelling in all of his subjects thanks to his dedicated attitude and his incredible tutors!

My daughter, who spent many years in tears on a daily basis because of how challenging her homework was to read, is now a senior in high school. She attends a manufacturing academy (that only accepts 30 students a year) and has a 4.0. She was also accepted into early college at 16 years old and given a 3-year scholarship to college and has held a 4.0 for the past 3 semesters! Her struggle with Dyslexia has caused her to grow into a compassionate girl with a heart for helping those in need. She can empathize with others because of her struggle and wants to help others reach their potential and encourage them to never give up!

If you are someone who struggles with reading like my children, I want to let you know about a teaching method called Orton-Gillingham that can give you the tools you need to help you become a successful reader, speller, and writer!!! My children are proof of that!

If you are a parent, teacher, or grandparent of a student that is or you suspect may struggle with Dyslexia, please know that with the right tools, your student/child can learn to grow and push past this! Dyslexia never will go away but given the right training and with consistent work, it will improve and your students can reach their full potential the way my children have!

I am so grateful to each tutor/teacher we have worked with over the years! I could not have helped my children succeed without their help! I really owe so much to them! I’m so proud of my children for all the hundreds of extra hours that they dedicated to improving their reading and spelling, they really are rock-stars!!!

Because this is so near and dear to our hearts we wanted to give back and help raise awareness for Dyslexia awareness month! We also know how costly tutoring and screenings/testing can be for family’s and sadly so many students never get the help they need because their families simply can’t afford it. SO, this is where things get EXCITING!!!!

My daughter, my son and I have partnered with @JOYSOFTHRED to bring you this tee shirt/sweatshirt that has our family motto on it! Often times Dyslexic Learners will mess up their words and swap letters in a sentence…our family started saying “POBODY’S NERFECT” instead of “nobody’s perfect” as a little reminder anytime any of us were upset at ourselves for making a simple mistake. We are all human, we all have our own struggles and we all need to remember that NOBODY’S PERFECT and that IT’S OKAY!

SO here are the details. GO to this link to HERE to purchase a tee-shirt or sweatshirt! They are SO comfortable and they don’t shrink! I have so many shirts from @Joysofthread and the quality is fantastic! There are lots of colors to choose from…AND every single dollar I earn from this fundraiser will go directly to Grand Traverse Dyslexia Association to be used for scholarships!!! Won’t you join us in making a difference? Let’s see just how many people we can bless together!!!


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