Steps To Creating A Welcoming Entryway For Christmas

Decorating for Christmas has begun!

Today on the blog…a cozy entryway full of texture and Christmas vibes!

As soon as we had our first big snowfall (on Halloween day), I couldn’t wait any longer to decorate for Christmas! I know that may seem a bit early to some of you, and I completely agree! However, since I am not hosting any Thanksgiving meals, I thought it would be fine to start decorating early! Plus, I LOOKS like Christmas outside my windows with all this beautiful snow!

So I had my hubby bring all the tubs down from the attic and I have been working on decorating a little at a time! I started decorating the entryway and today I’m sharing how my first little space, all decorated for Christmas, turned out!

Each year I really try to use as much as I can of what I already own to decorate my home and each year I add one or two new things! Most of my decorations are sentimental because many of them were either handmade or a family heirloom passed down!

Investment Pieces

When I do purchase anything new I try to focus on investing in Christmas Decor that I will be able to use year after year. Years ago I found these vintage wingback chairs and painted them! I think they’re timeless and I love using them in our entry. It makes it easy for guests so sit to remove their snowy boots!

Something I invested in this year is this beautiful, custom handmade Christmas sign by Oh Sweet Skye!

I love their signs because they are the best quality and you get to pick your sign, background color, lettering color, and frame color! I have a few signs from Whitney Oh Sweet Skye and knew that this year I wanted to invest in a timeless Christmas Sign! I love that it’s the first thing guests will see when they arrive!

My daughter helped me pick the colors and I love how it turned out! The background is Sage and the font is in Metallic Gold!

Brass Candlesticks

Over the years I have collected an assortment of antique brass candlesticks and this year I decided to use them in my Christmas decor (and not just for our Thanksgiving table)! Candles add so much to an entryway!

I think the brass is timeless!

These candles come in lots of colors! I love changing up the look by swapping out the candles themselves for only a few dollars! This year I chose a gold/tan color candles to tie in the color of the vintage snowshoes!

Vintage Christmas Pieces

I love using real vintage pieces in my decor! Years ago I was able to get these old, wood snowshoes for a discount because they were missing their leather bindings.

I simply added some greenery and pinecones to the center of the snowshoes and “voila” you can’t even tell the straps are missing, can you!? As guests enter our home, I hope the snowshoes make them feel like they are on a winter getaway in the mountains! They add such a cozy feel to the entry!

Little Pinecone Trees

Last year I picked up a few of these little twig/pinecone trees from Hobby Lobby and I wanted to incorporate them into my decor again this year! They add so much texture and I love that they come in all different heights! I have a few in each size.

Lastly, I added an old deer shed that my FIL found while farming a few years ago! I love using it in my decor because it adds so much dimension!

The glow of the candles mixed in with the texture of the snowshoes against the shiplap wall makes the whole house feel even that much cozier and merrier! Thanks for joining me for this little peek into this year’s Christmas entryway at the Cottage!

I can’t wait to share more!

  1. Kitty kilian

    November 13th, 2019 at 12:13 pm

    I love that your entry way has a story, and it’s just beautiful.

  2. admin

    November 18th, 2019 at 7:01 am

    Thank you, Kitty! I had a lot of fun sharing!

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