Welcome to Fletcher Creek Cottage!

My name is Dena and I live on 65 acres, just outside our hometown in a little cottage that my family and I built from the ground up for seventy thousand dollars. Yep, you read that right! We built an entire home from scratch for 70K. After years and years of renovating homes together and moving all across the country for my husband's career, we decided to give it all up, move back to our hometown to raise our children near family, and live a simpler life. To make that happen we needed to save as much as possible which lead us to build our entire house all DIY style!

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My husband and I have been married 21 years and we have two incredible kiddos! We have renovated many homes together, top to bottom, all DIY! I guess you could say it’s what we do for fun! We truly love building and creating things.

When I’m not working on construction projects, you can find me outdoors, in my garden or trying my hand at something else creative like interior design, sewing, refinishing furniture or helping friends and family with their DIY and renovation projects!  I’m a wife, momma, daughter, and sister to 11 siblings. I'm really a homemaker at heart with a huge passion for creating anything and everything I happen to dream up!
Here we value hard work, putting family first and we strive to honor the Lord in all that we do.
We also believe it’s never too late to chase your dreams!
My hope is that you feel at home while you're here and that you always leave feeling inspired!

Thank you for following along as I share my passion for all things HOME and HOMEmade on my journey of building a beautiful life!


I have been blessed with two of the most incredible kiddos and a wonderful husband! We love to work, play and build things as a family and I love that they jump right in every time I have a new idea for a DIY or a family project! They really are my world and I couldn’t be more grateful! I am also one of 12 children and have the most supportive and caring parents in the world! I love having a huge extended family and I really can’t imagine it any other way!


Home really is where my heart is!!! I love all things HOME, but the word “HOME” brings up all kinds of feelings for me. As a child we move a lot before my parents built their forever home...and my husband and I have moved 17 times, bringing my moves to a grand total of 29! All of this taught me that “home” really is wherever you are together with loved ones! You can make ANY house a cozy, beautiful, safe place that feels like HOME no matter the size of your home or how small or large your budget is!

diy fun

Growing up my parents tackled just about any project they needed to. It didn’t matter if it was a big project or a small craft, DIY was a normal way of life for us and the more projects I tackle, the more I LOVE it! It’s been so fun passing on my love of making things by hand to my kids! I guess you could say I am obsessed with DIY because my love for tackling projects lead my family to building an entire house all DIY! Yep...we’re a little crazy...but we sure do have fun!

fletcher creek cottage

OUR story

If you would have told me that my LOVE for DIY projects, Design, and Home Renovations would lead my family and I to building an entire house from the ground up...DIY style, I may not have believed it myself! But, that’s exactly what we did! Fletcher Creek Cottage is our new home that we built from the ground up (DIY style) for only $70K! My husband and I have spent 18 years tackling renovations, home additions, and countless construction projects together! We hope that you will stay a while and get to know us a little better by reading more about our story here.

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