5 Fun Gift Wrapping Ideas

Happy Thursday! Christmas is sneaky sneaking, closer and closer, at what seems to be high speeds! I am counting down the days, just as all of you are, I’m sure! I have some time today and I am determined to get some wrapping done! Who’s with me!?


Gift wrapping can be daunting IF  I wait until the last minute to start. I mean, stocking suffers alone can take hours! Or it can seem that way! As long as I schedule a time to get it done, I actually really LOVE wrapping gifts!

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When I was a young child, our church would volunteer to gift wrap for no charge at the local mall! One of the older ladies taught me all her tips and tricks and I just loved it! The possibilities are endless when it comes to gift wrapping! I mean…It’s just one more way to be creative and there is no right or wrong way to do it! I love that! All these years I have had to keep myself in check when it comes to gift giving and wrapping. I could easily spend more on the wrapping that the little gift sometimes (if I am not careful)! But, these days there are so many ideas out there that you can pretty much dig through your “stash” of odds and ends and you’ll probably find lots of things you can use to spruce up your gifts!  I like to think out of the box. So today I am sharing 5 fun ideas for gift wrapping that I came up with (without looking on Pinterest! LOL!!!) Here we go…

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The Gift For a Little Girl or Boy

When my kiddos were little we lived in the south. Being from Michigan, I was not as used to seeing little girls or boys quite so dressed up! I love how ALL the little girls would have bows in their hair…no matter the occasion! I think it would be so cool to wrap up gifts for the little ones in your life, using a hair boy or a bowtie instead of a ribbon!


Then the child has two gifts…and their mommas will thank you too! Seriously, my 13-year-old son has been into wearing bow-ties recently and I am not sad about that one little bit!10785297616_IMG_395510785319520_IMG_395910785312080_IMG_3977

For Your Bestie

If you are anything like me you have hundreds or maybe even thousands of pics on your phone! Am I right?! SO.. how about switching out the name tags on your gifts for a printed pic of you and your bestie/friend/loved one.  I printed mind out in black and white, but you can get fancy and you can always write a sweet little note on the back of the pic! 


For Your Guy

Maybe your guy isn’t into the outdoors and things like that, but mine DEFINITELY is so that’s how I am wrapping my husband’s gifts this year! Think about what your other half is into for hobbies or work! There are SO many cool small ornaments that are themed or small gadgets that would look so cool on top a gift!


For my husband, I am keeping it “nature” related! I love adding these cool pieces of sliced tree limbs and you could totally DIY these if you wanted to! I just grabbed these for a $1.99 for a pack at Hobby Lobby!10785335040_IMG_402310785292960_IMG_4012

 Simple and Sweet

We all have those gifts that we want to look a little extra sweet. Maybe you have a teacher that your gifting something to or maybe a mother/sister/aunt/grandmother…people who appreciate a gift that looks like it is for someone extra special! I think adding a cinnamon stick to my ribbon made these gifts for someone special just a little sweeter!10758308944_IMG_394510758322672_IMG_3951


This idea is my favorite because its basically free and my kids could easily help with this even when they were super tiny! I buy a roll of white or brown craft paper and use stamps, stencils or even cookie cutters to decorate the paper before we wrap it! We like to use twine, yarn, or whatever we can come up with! For me, it’s about personalizing it and giving it a little something extra! I hope you had fun and that my ideas maybe spark an idea for you. I just like to have fun with it…anything goes.


Oh, and FYI- my kiddos stocking stuffers do not look like this whatsoever!!! They look more like a package that has been in Santa’s big bag and has traveled all around the world in a bumpy sleigh!!! Haha! That’s usually because my husband and I wrap them together and we use whatever paper we have left and never put things in a box or whatever…so pretty much they know when they pull it out that “YEP, that’s a package of socks!” LOL!!! Thank you for sticking around today! Now, back to finishing up all the rest of the gifts! Merry Christmas!



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