Top 5 Ways To Create An Effortless Christmas Tablescape

Christmas Tablescape

Here are the five things I love to incorporate for my Christmas tablescape!

Neutral Colors: Neutrals are my favorite things to invest in.

When setting the table for any occasion, I love to stick with neutrals for the majority of what I bring to the table and add interest by using contrasting neutral colors such as a variety of whites, tans, matte black, and greens.

5 Things to Incorporate for an Effortless Christmas Tablescape

Over the years I have only invested in very neutral table linens, dinnerware, and flatware. Having a neutral base to start with maks it easy to create a look for every holiday by adding small amounts of color perhaps in the centerpiece or candles.

 Effortless Tablescape

Here I have used a drop cloth as a table cloth keeping things neutral and also bringing in another element I love to add…and that’s TEXTURE!

5 Things to Incorporate for an Effortless Christmas Tablescape

Texture: Texture adds so much to any space and especially to a tablescape!

Texture gives so much interest and makes everything just that much cozier and at Christmas we all want our homes to be cozy…right? RIGHT!

simple holiday tablescape

My goal for this tablescape was to use many different textures while keeping it simple and natural-looking for Christmas! In general varying texture isn’t as overwhelming as color can be.

5 Things to Incorporate for an Effortless Christmas Tablescape

You can mix and match all kinds of texture and still have a space that feels effortless and cozy. I love how these antique bottles add texture and interests so I’ll be using them as vases for sprigs of greenery next to each place setting!

Here is what else I’ll be using…


5 Things to Incorporate for an Effortless Christmas Tablescape

Layers: It’s all about layering!

For this tablescape, I kept it super simple and used my braided, jute chargers over the canvas dropcloth. I then layered a salad plate over the dinner plate…easy peasy! If I were serving soup, I’d layer a bowl over the top as well.

neutral tablescape

Up next, the linen napkins. I’m using a neutral color napkin, but this would be a great place to add more color! Linen napkins are really inexpensive and fun to change out!

I used thin jute twine to tie the linen napkins in a messy sort of way to make it feel effortless and a little undone and added a little brass bell to the top!

holiday tablescape ideas

I always want our Christmas Table to feel welcoming and relaxed and keeping our table not too formal helps everyone (especially our children) feel at home!

how to set a beautiful tablescape

Greens: For me Fresh, faux or dried, greens are a must at Christmas!

Anytime I need fresh greens I venture out into my yard and see what I can find! I love that using sprigs of pine or fir add a pop of Christmas green, yet it still feels pretty neutral!

how to set a beautiful tablescape

I added water and a little sprig of pine to each little vintage bottle and placed them next to each plate setting. I also placed little branches of dried eucalyptus and clippings from my yard all down the center of the table to add a little texture and color!

how to set a table
how to set a beautiful tablescape

Warmth: Christmas is a time for cozy and adding warmth to your tablescape!

Adding warmth to a table is as simple as lighting a few candles. This year a mixed in a few new brass candlesticks to my growing collection of vintage brass candlesticks and opted for very neutral colored candles.

farmhouse tablescape

Bringing all these elements together help to really make a statement without overcomplicating it!

The matte black flatware and fresh greens add a bit of contrast while the brass bells and candlesticks add visual interest, texture and so much warmth! There’s nothing quite as cozy as a candlelit dinner!

how to set a beautiful tablescape

I hope that sharing these five elements helps to give you an idea of how you can create an effortless Christmas tablescape that’s warm and welcoming! Creating this look was so simple and I love how it’s perfect for Christmas dinner and guests of all ages!

For more ideas, be sure to check out THIS POST for last year’s Christmas Tablescape!


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