Mother’s Day Gift Guide

My Mother’s Day Gift Guide is made up of my top 5 gifts that are my ‘Go-To” gifts ideas that are from some of my favorite Makers and Small Shops!

May is here and I think we are all happy to say “farewell” to April! For our family, May means celebrating Mother’s Day, three of my sisters have birthdays, my husband and I celebrate our wedding anniversary and I have a special young lady (my only daughter) that’s graduating high school and turning 18 on the same day! It’s a wonderful time of year and it also means I find myself buying lots of gifts for special women in my life! Today I’m sharing my top 5 Mothers Day gift ideas that are my “go-to” gifts that I think are sure to put a smile on your loved ones’ faces.

Not only are these gifts anyone would love, but they are ALL Small Shops and Makers (which we all love to support)!

 My 1st Mothers Day Gift Idea Is To Send Flowers…but not just ANY flowers…



I love flowers, I think we all do and you can’t go wrong with sending a gorgeous bouquet to your mom, grandmother, or aunt for Mothers Day! Farmgirl Flowers is my go-to every time I want to send flowers because they are simply the BEST! Every single time I have sent a bouquet from Farmgirl Flowers, the friend I sent it to gushes over how incredible the flowers were!


Their flowers are absolutely stunning, their prices are very affordable, and if you send Farmgirl Flowers you’re supporting a wonderful small shop!!!


My 2nd Idea is Custom Made Jewelry: Gorgeous Pieces, Handmade By Marianne @GracefullyWrapped

I purchased my first necklace from Marianne @gracefullywrapped a few years ago and since then I have grown to admire her not only because she is such a talented maker and entrepreneur, but she is full of grace and shines the light of Jesus daily!

I now own 1/2 a dozen of Marianne’s handmade jewelry pieces and I am complimented on the jewelry regularly when I wear them! A beautiful charm from Gracefully Wrapped would make a wonderful mother’s day gift, birthday gift, or even a graduation gift for a special graduate in your life (my daughter’s birthday is coming up and she has 5 items from Marianne’s website on her wish list if that tells you anything!)


Of course, I was happy to get my daughter something special from Gracefully Wrapped…mostly because I’m hoping once she has her own jewelry, she will STOP borrowing mine ALL THE TIME!!! LOL!!!

Marianne can also custom make you a piece from a special bouquet that you’ve gotten (perfect for brides)! SO COOL and really special! Also, Gracefully wrapped gives back with every $50 purchase to a woman in need and I love that!



My 3rd Idea Is The Mothers Day Gift That Blesses Her All Year: THE JOYFUL LIFE Magazine Subscription

This next gift idea is one that I LOVE because it’s the gift that keeps on giving! The Joyful Life Magazine is a quarterly lifestyle magazine full of inspiring stories, recipes, DIY ideas, home decor and so much more!

This magazine will leave the reader uplifted and encouraged in their walk with the Lord! It also features many talented female entrepreneurs and the writers are phenomenal!

The Joyful Life Magazine is free of advertisements and is really more like a beautiful coffee table book that you will want to read and re-read over and over! I am certain that any mother would treasure each copy and that they would love to receive this as a gift!

AND GUESS WHAT…I was sharing on Instagram how much I enjoy reading through their magazine and the reached out to me and wanted to offer YOU 15% off your order now through May 10th (Mother’s Day)!!! How amazing is that?! Be sure to use the code “fletchercreekcottage” at checkout to save 15%!!!




My 4th Idea Makes The Perfect Mothers Day Gift For A JOYFUL Home & Body: BeeJoyful  All-Natural Soaps

Mother’s Day gift idea number four is from a maker and small business owner that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! It’s called BeeJoyful and if you’ve never heard of them before…I can’t wait to introduce you!

BeeJoyful is founded and owned by my incredible sister-in-law and my brother (you can read all about how they started and their mission HERE)!

BeeJoyfuls handmade products include all-natural bar soaps, body balms, lip balms, laundry soap, all-natural deodorant, bug repellent, baby products, and all kinds of amazing all-natural products that our family has used daily for years and we can’t say enough good things about!!!

I love that these products are all-natural, smell AMAZING, look beautiful and they WORK!!! I think any mother/grandmother/or aunt would love to receive a gift basket full of BeeJoyful Soaps and more!

I honestly LOVE all the soap scents that they have so I could not really pick a favorite! Here are a few of my other Favorite Products from BeeJoyful 


  1. Lavender Lemon Deodorant  (all of the Deoderents are great!)
  2. All-Natural Laundry Soap ( I LOVE this laundry soap…a little goes a long way)
  3. Bee Well Herbal Salve (amazing for soothing bug bites, sunburn, or little cuts or scrapes)
  4. Complexion Soap (works great for cleaning makeup brushes also)
  5. Lip Balm (all 4 flavors are my favorite…lol!)

My 5th Idea Is My Go-To Small Shop For Clothing and Home Decor: Cloth+Cabin

I love quality over quantity and I think a lot of other moms feel the same way! Cloth+Cabin has been a staple in my wardrobe and my home since moving back to our home state of Michigan and I love giving them a shout out whenever I can! They are an online boutique with quality items that are beautiful and well made!

Cloth and Cabin

Cloth+Cabin has gorgeous dresses, tops, bottoms, accessories, and all kinds of decor items for your home as well! I love their throw pillows, their wall art/botanicals and they even have lots of beautiful items for the kitchen and table!

mothers day

If you’re looking through their website and you’re not sure what to get…I practically LIVE in my ‘HOME GIRL” sweatshirt these days so I’d say you can’t go wrong with that one!

cloth + cabin


To Save Be Sure And Use My Code:

“FLETCHER10” for 10% at checkout!

Some of my other favorite CLoth+Cabin clothing items I have are…

1.The Saylor Dress (I have it in a few colors and it’s the PERFECT dress for summer)

  1. The Jules Top (I’m wearing it in the first pic as well as the picture below)

  2. Home Girl” Tee and Sweatshirt (I have both and live in them)


Some of my favorite Cloth+Cabin HOME items I have are…

  1. The Natalie Pillow (in cream)

  2. Vintage Botanical Grommet Wall Canvases

3.Distressed White Metal House ( I have one very similar to this one and I love displaying it for each season!)



The Last Idea Is Possibly The BEST Mothers Day Gift Idea Of All: A Handwritten Note

If you polled every mother around, I am pretty sure it would be unanimous…we all just want to know that we are loved and appreciated! Taking the time to send a homemade card or a handwritten letter to our mothers, aunts, sisters, grandmothers and the women who mean the world to us is one of the most special things we can do! It doesn’t have to be super long or elaborate as long as it’s from the heart!

mothers day ideas

Being able to be a mother to my children is by far the greatest gift I’ve ever received and I know your mother feels the same regardless of what gifts she receives! And if she happens to receive any of the ideas I’ve shared above…well HEY, that’s just a bonus!

Happy May 1st friends and I hope this post has helped give you an idea or two of how you can give your mom something extra special this Mother’s Day!


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