3 Simple Ways To Transform Your Lawn

Today, I’m sharing three simple and budget-friendly ways to transform your lawn and garden.

I’m also sharing the steps I took this spring and sharing an update on the progress my lawn and garden have made now that summer is here!

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We love to spend as much time as we can in our yard in the summers and this year I think we will all be in our yards even more than ever before. So, this spring we decided it was time to invest in our lawn and start some flower beds as well! Today I’m going to share with you the three simple steps we took this spring to transform our yard as well as sharing an update on how our lawn and flower beds are doing now that summer is here.

Vigoro Lawn


Last year we put in a new yard around our newly built home, but then built a massive backyard pavilion. Our grass had been trampled on by heavy machinery, dead trees had to be taken down and stumps had been removed, leaving our yard quite a mess! Like many yards in the spring, the grass we had needed to be fertilized and new grass needed to be planted in areas that were patchy. Because our home was a new build, we didn’t have any flower beds and I really wanted to add a flower bed to the side yard. I also wanted to plant some containers to have near our front porch.


Vigoro yard

I had never ordered live plants online before this, but I was thrilled to find out that Vigoro has a 1-year money-back guarantee should anything happen to your live plants. I was thankful that I was able to order everything I needed for my lawn and garden online in April and have it delivered right to my door! Thanks to the team at The Home Depot and Vigoro, all my live plants arrived healthy and happy and I didn’t even enter a store!


3 Simple Ways To Transform Your Yard


A super easy and fantastic way to spruce up your landscape is to plant a flower bed in your yard and that’s the first thing I did! For added curb appeal I chose an area where guests will see it first thing when they drive up. If you have a smaller yard or not much of one at all, you can always spruce up your home’s exterior by planting flowers or flowering shrubs in planters! Planters come in all sizes and can be filled with perennials, annuals, or even small shrubs like boxwoods or topiaries! When it comes to planters, you can be as creative as you want! You really can’t go wrong!

3 Simple Ways To Transform Your Yard


It was really important for us that we replace the (dying) trees that we took out of our yard, with plants that would be a welcoming place for all the birds, butterflies, and bees in our area. I love that Vigoro has amazing products for all your lawn care needs and they also have LIVE PLANTS!! Vigoro plants are hardy, longer-lasting, and like I said…The Home Depot will deliver them right to your door! I ordered every single product (and all the plants) I used on this project, online at The Home Depot and it was all delivered to my home and all the plants were in perfect health when they arrived! YAY!


simple ways to transform your yard

HELPFUL TIP: It can be so tempting to plant shrubs, flowers, or trees close together because they start out so small…but DON’T do it! Make sure to pay attention to the growth rate and size of the plant when it’s reached it’s mature size and plant accordingly! If you don’t want to wait for the plant to mature, consider investing in a larger plant from the get-go!


DIY Lawn and Garden


We plan on living here forever so opted for some bare-root plants and even a tree for my flower bed. I planted some White Tea Roses,and  Incrediball Hydrangeas. I also planted a Yoshino Cherry Tree with white blooms! This garden may take a few years to really fill in, but I am okay with that! I am here for the long haul!


3 Simple Ways To Transform Your Yard


To bring a little life to the porch, I planted these Vigoro Eleanore Taber Indian Hawthorn, Live Evergreen Shrub in these gorgeous 20″ Scalloped Flare Copper Plastic Planters also found at The Home Depot! I used Vigoro Tree and Shrub Plant Food and Vigoro Rose Food to ensure my plants had everything they needed to thrive as well as Vigoro Potting Soil! I can’t wait to see all the blooms and enjoy all of these plants for years to come as they mature!



If you want your yard to be lush and green, you have to feed it! In most cases, watering your lawn will not be enough. It only takes a few minutes and it is by far the most cost-effective way to improve the look of your lawn. You may be surprised what a little fertilizer can do for your lawn!


3 Simple Ways To Transform Your Yard

I used Vigoro Weed & Feed to fertilize our entire existing lawn paying special attention to all the areas of the lawn that had been torn up by heavy machinery.  It was easy to spread and it didn’t take long at all! I simply followed the instructions on the bag. Be sure to read all instructions carefully and make sure to check the weather before deciding what day to spread your Vigoro fertilizer or seed. This particular fertilizer requires you to spread on damp grass and on a day where rain is expected to hold off for a few days after applying. It can be reapplied every 8 weeks if desired. So far I have only fertilized our lawn once and it’s looking fantastic! 

transform your yard


HELPFUL TIP: I recommend using a Hand Spreader to distribute Lawn Fertilizer for smaller lawns and use a Broadcast Spreader for larger lawns! Having the right tools for the job not only makes the job easier on you, but it ensures you are using the right amount of fertilizer for the job…saving you time and money!



If you have areas of your lawn that look patchy or bare you may want to consider seeding it instead of hoping the surrounding grass spreads and fills in the patchy spots on its own! Vigoro Grass Seed is budget-friendly and so easy to apply to your lawn. The thicker your grass is the less room there is for weeds to grow up! So if you can I highly recommend seeding your lawn wherever it’s looking sparse or bare.


3 Simple Ways To Transform Your Yard


I used Vigoro Grass Seed in all the areas we had no grass at all. I lightly watered the seed in and then covered the areas I had spread the seed with an Erosion Control Blanket (available at The Home Depot)to keep my Vigoro Grass Seed from washing away and the ground from eroding. You should expect to see your first little baby grass sprouting up in 7-10 days and maybe sooner! We planted during a warmer spell in May and got daily rain and I could already spot grass 3 days after we planted!


vigoro grass seed

HELPFUL TIP: It can take grass 30 days or more to mature. The grass needs time to firmly establish their roots so don’t mow your lawn too soon. I know it’s tempting to cut your grass when you see that fresh new lawn, but rushing could seriously damage your grass or even worse, kill it!


Vigoro has been helping create beautiful lawns and gardens for nearly 100 years!


Taking the time to invest in our lawn and planting a flower garden makes our cottage feel even more like HOME! I can’t wait to see our landscape come to life and we look forward to enjoying the fruits of our labor all spring, summer, and fall long!


vigoro home depot


I chose to partner with The Home Depot and Vigoro for this project for many reasons, one being that Vigoro is an amazing product and offers a guarantee right on the front of their products “Works The First Time Or It’s FREE”!!

I love that  Vigoro products for your lawn and garden are all available online and the Home Depot offers BOPIS (buy online pickup in-store) option!  They offer quality products at a fantastic value! We all want a lush, gorgeous lawn and with Vigoro, we don’t have to spend a fortune to get it! They also carry small and large quantities…so for us, that was perfect! We have a large yard and needed a LOT of seed and fertilizer…and by a “LOT” I mean enough to cover 60,000 sq ft!


vigoro live plants


What I love the most about Vigoro is that their products are SO user-friendly. That’s a big deal! You can have a fantastic product, but if it’s applied wrong you may not get the results you’re looking for! It’s so important that we understand exactly what product is right for our individual lawns. Vigoro packaging could not be more clear on what and how much you should use on your type of lawn! Whether you are brand new to lawn care, a seasoned gardener, your landscape just needs a little TLC or you’re completely starting from scratch, Vigoro has you covered!


3 Simple Ways To Transform Your Yard


I hope all of my tips for a beautiful lawn and garden are helpful and that this inspires you to get outdoors and to give your lawn and garden the love and attention it deserves! You’ll be so glad you did!

Vigoro Seeds, Fertilizer, Weed & Feed, Plant Food, and Live Plants are exclusively available at The Home Depot and the BEST part is that you can have it all delivered right to your home just like I DID!


Update Time: Let’s Talk About How Our lawn And Garden Are Doing Now


I am thrilled with how well our lawn is growing and filling out! Fertilizing the lawn and taking time to plant the new seed where needed is already paying off! With a few more weeks of warmer days, this lawn will be amazing! I mean just look at it already!


3 Simple Ways To Transform Your Yard


You can see where the concrete truck drove across the yard to pour our pavilion floor. The grass we planted there is doing really well too! When we plant grass we always like to cover it with some straw and keep it watered. After the grass is mature enough, we’ll cut the grass and all the straw will disappear.


3 Simple Ways To Transform Your Yard



The flower garden is also doing well! This is my first time growing Roses or Hydrangeas of any kind and I was beyond excited to see that the snow we had in early May did not harm these plants at all. Every single live plant is leafing out and has grown inches already! YAY!!!! I waited a few weeks (because it was so cold this spring) before I finished the flower bed with some brown mulch from Vigoro. I think it’s looking great especially considering this is a first-year garden started with bare-root plants!


3 Simple Ways To Transform Your Yard


The Vigoro Indian Hawthorn Shrubs bloomed a beautiful pink flower this spring and now have a beautiful, thick, glossy leaf that is a deep green. They really POP with these planters against our white siding! Our porch is mostly shade and has very little sun and they still have done really well!


3 Simple Ways To Transform Your Yard


All in all, I am thrilled with the progress! I am so glad we took the time to invest in our lawn and garden this spring and we can’t wait to see how our lawn continues to improve over the summer months!  I hope these tips were helpful and that this inspires you to get outdoors and give your own yard a little TLC while we are all home this summer!


3 Simple Ways To Transform Your Yard


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*DISCLAIMER: This blog post is sponsored by THE HOME DEPOT. This post does contain affiliate links. ALL opinions are my own honest opinions and all advice is my own and based on my own personal experiences.

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