Creating A Simple Faux Floral Arrangement

 Creating a simple faux floral arrangement using these beautiful faux flowers will have everyone thinking they’re real!

I love having floral arrangements in my home! Real, faux, dried, or a mixture, I like to keep my floral arrangements as simple as possible often using just what I have on hand or using clippings from my yard! Today I’m excited to share some tips for creating a simple faux floral arrangement that will have everyone thinking your arrangement is REAL!

how to create a faux flower arrangement

how to arrange florals


The first step is to decide where the arrangement will be going and how large (or small) it should be. If the arrangement will be on a side table or somewhere out of the way, I love creating something with a lot of height like this one! One really cool thing about faux flowers is that most of the stems bend easily…meaning you can create a tall arrangement one day and then use the same flowers to create a shorter arrangement another day. All you have to do is bend the stems to fit your vase/container!


simple faux floral arrangment


If your arrangement is going to be a centerpiece for your dining table, try to stay clear of anything too tall. You don’t want the floral arrangement taking up too much space and making it hard to see across the table at one another!

Helpful Tip: A good guideline for a table centerpiece is to keep it under 14 inches tall if possible.



My second step is to pick the right vase/container. For this flower arrangement, I chose an antique rusty bucket (similar style linked here.) One of the easiest ways to add interest to your flower arrangement is to pick a really beautiful container! This is especially helpful if you are trying to distract from the fact that the flowers are faux!!!

simple faux floral arrangement

Some of my other favorites are my vintage butter churn (that is on loan from my mom)!

creating a simple faux flower arrangement


I also love this Magnolia Vase that I purchased on our Trip To Waco last year! You can read all about that trip HERE, HERE, & HERE. We had such a blast on that trip!!!


DIY Master Bedroom Makeover Reveal

Helpful Tip: If you use a class vase be sure to add water to your faux arrangement so that the flowers appear to be real!



My next step is to choose the flowers and a color palette! Of course, I prefer real flowers …I think we all do! But, I have found some amazing faux flowers online! I find it’s worth investing in really good faux flowers for those times when I don’t have fresh flowers on hand to work with.

My go-to place for faux florals is Afloral …(this is not sponsored, I just genuinely love their flowers).

Here are the flowers I included in this floral arrangement

Artificial Seeded Eucalyptus Hanging Spray – 23" Long


Artificial Flower Peony Bud in Pink – 18" Tall

faux flower arrangement

Artificial Flower Peony Bud in Fuchsia – 18" Tall

 Creating A Simple Faux Floral Arrangement

Cream Pink Artificial Buttercup Flowers

Creating a simple faux flower arrangement

Artificial Flower Peony Bud in Cream – 18" Tall


Artificial Seeded Eucalyptus Spray in Green Burgundy – 19" Tall

easy faux flower arrangment

Mini Silk Ranunculus Bush in Pink Ivory – 10"


I made this floral arrangement using faux florals and added just a few dried sprigs to help it look a little more real!


I made this floral arrangement using mostly faux florals and I added a few dried sprigs to help it look a little more real!

Arranging your flowers doesn’t have to be overly complicated or stressful. You can’t ruin it! Just keep moving them around until you have the desired look! I like to keep my taller flowers near the center and add lots of wild-looking sprigs that drape over the edges to give it lots of movement!

To change this arrangement up I could easily remove the 2 fuchsia peonies and replace them with more of a burnt orange colored flower or even a soft yellow and the entire arrangement would look completely different!

easy floral arrangment


Helpful Tip: When creating a floral arrangement with faux flowers, I used a dish towel or paper towel in the bottom of the vase/container. The towel acts like a foam block would and it helps to hold the flowers in place!


Simple diy floral arrangement

Once you have everything chosen it’s time to add them to your vase! I am a huge fan of an arrangement that is whimsical with lots of different flowers, going in lots of different directions. I love that faux flowers also provide lots of looks time after time! They last FOREVER (obviously) and they can always be mixed and arranged differently for a totally new look!

I hope these tips were helpful and that this encourages you not to be afraid of using faux flowers in your home!

If you are going to invest in some really great faux blooms for your home, I’d suggest starting out with neutral flowers with some greens…and see if anyone notices that your bouquets aren’t real!!!! I bet you they won’t!

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