DIY Master Bedroom Makeover


DIY Master Bedroom Makeover Reveal

Did you know our master bedroom just got a major MAKEOVER! YEP! It sure did! Keep reading to find out how we took this drab space and turned it into a room that reflects our style and personalities! I can’t get over how different it looks!


master bedroom makeover DIy

I’m so excited to share our DIY master bedroom makeover reveal with you all! This room was the only space in the house that was lacking character and really looked like it had been forgotten. It was cozy enough but honestly, I thought it looked downright BORING and really didn’t reflect “us” at all!


DIY Project

The worst part was the bed frame was broken and really needed to be replaced. Really…that’s how the entire MAKEOVER got started in the first place!

We decided to build a DIY storage bed to solve our “no closet” problem and the project grew from there! I mean if we’re being honest, that’s how most DIY renovation projects start off….fixing one little thing. Am I right?!?!

After we decided to build a bed, I was able to convince my husband that we may as well spruce the place up while we were at it. I was bound and determined to take this boring space and turn it into a room that was welcoming and felt like “home” to us.

Let’s start with the stats… Here’s what we had to work with.

Our bedroom is 12×12 with no closet. It has heated herringbone tile floors and one large window. We had a king-size bed as well as 2 small nightstands and 2 medium size dressers for our clothes. Not a lot of storage, I know! The room is cozy…but as I said… it was a tad on the boring side…basically lacking ALL character and desperately needed more storrage!!!


Dena Breitmeyer/ Fletcher Creek Cottage/ DIY

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Did a project even take place if there is no documentation of the entire home looking like a construction zone??? From the look of my dining room table…a project definitely took place!

DIY Projects


5  DIY Projects and they completely transformed our Master Bedroom!

Here’s a recap of the five projects we did to give our bedroom a total makeover…

  1. Built a king storage bed with 5 drawers.
  2. Added 1×2 battens to the lower 2/3 of the walls all around the room.
  3. I transformed my DIY headboard (that I build years ago) and gave it a fresh look.
  4. Stenciled a border around the upper 1/3 of the room to give it the look of wallpaper for less.
  5. Added bedside wall sconces and hung a chandelier in place of our old “barn”  ceiling light.

Okay, Guys, are you ready for the REVEAL?!!!


DIY Master Bedroom Makeover Reveal

DIY Master Bedroom Makeover Reveal

DIY Master Bedroom Makeover Reveal

DIY Master Bedroom Makeover Reveal

DIY Master Bedroom Makeover Reveal

DIY Master Bedroom Makeover Reveal

DIY Master Bedroom Makeover Reveal

DIY Master Bedroom Makeover Reveal

DIY Master Bedroom Makeover Reveal

DIY Master Bedroom Makeover Reveal

DIY Master Bedroom Makeover Reveal

The Project’s total cost breakdown


We spent $500 at The Home Depot and that included all our materials for building the bed as well as all the paint for the bed, 1x2s for the battens, caulk, wood filler, spackling and white paint for the walls.


I found the wall sconces on Amazon and they were $69.97 ea. and the Brass Chandelier was $119.99


I purchased my stencil at Cutting Edge Stencils and it’s called the “Woodland Botanical” stencil and I couldn’t love it more! The stencil project -cost me less than $75 for paint and supplies (the stencil was $46.95 of that).


I used Behr Paint in Eggshell in the color “Gravelstone” and the white paint I used for the walls and battens was Behr Premium Plus Ultra White. 


DIY Headboard:

Giving the headboard a refresh was where I got stumped! I decided to chalk paint the fabric. Something I have done lots of times. But for some reason, this fabric was not wanting to cooperate with the chalk paint! SO after using up 2 cans of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (at $40 ea.), I decided to start over and just reupholster it. The supplies for the fabric and brass nailheads, and this amazing tool, totaled up to $130. Thankfully that beautiful fabric was 40% OFF at Joann Fabrics!

It always amazes me how quickly a little paint can transform a space! My entire home is painted with Behr paint in pure white and I love how versatile it is!

DIY Master Bedroom Makeover Reveal

I love keeping my DIY projects as budget-friendly as possible and this project was no different!

This DIY Master Bedroom Makeover took us less than 2 weeks to complete and we spent a total of $1044.93! A fraction of what a King Storage Bed from a furniture store would have cost us! This project is definitely A DIY WIN!!!

And just think… if I hadn’t messed up with all the chalk paint it would have totaled only $964.93!!! Oh well, you live you learn!!!

This small space went from drab and looking like the room that was totally forgotten to being our favorite space in our home! It feels really special and better yet… it feels like “US”!


DIY Herringbone Tile Flooring

Beautiful Bunkbeds~DIY style


  1. Tabitha says:

    It all turned out so beautiful and I love the bed!

    • Dena says:

      Thank you!!! The amount of storage the 5 drawers gives us is just what we needed! They are really deep and long so they hold a lot! I am really happy with how it all turned out!

  2. Brenda Johnson says:

    What a difference! It’s so pretty and the bed is awesome! You are so creative and talented Dena! It’s a joy to watch you do your projects!

    • Dena says:

      Thank you very much for all your kind words, Brenda! That’s a huge compliment and I’m really grateful to you for being here cheering me on!

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