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How To Choose The Perfect  Paint Color 

After moving into our newly built DIY house we decided to tackle a smaller (yet still huge) DIY project in the backyard! As with many newly built homes, our yard was lacking shade. We quickly decided that our next project should definitely be building a Pavilion! I scoured Pinterest and fell in love with the look of many different pavilions painted white!  

home depot has the best lumber

As soon as the blueprints were drawn up we got to work and my husband and I spent a good portion of the summer building a 24×40 ft. pavilion in our back yard!

Choosing the Perfect Paint Color

Raw wood can be so beautiful, but I kept seeing inspiration pics of white pavilions and I knew that if I didn’t paint it now I would regret it later.

I knew from the get-go that I wanted the pavilion to be painted!

how to build a diy backyard pavilion

Once the structure was up it was time for the FUN part…PAINT! Choosing a paint color can be an overwhelming decision. I was leaning towards white and choosing the perfect shade of white can be tricky!

using a paint sprayer for paint projects

Our Cottage is a cooler shade of white and both the cottage and pavilion roofs are going to be gray, so it was super important to me to be able to find just the right shade so the two would complement each other! Using The Home Depot ProjectColor™️ app I was able to narrow down all the shades of white to find the absolute perfect color.

Behr paint is the best paint for outdoor projects

The ProjectColor ™️ app allows you the flexibility to color match right from home and for me, that is a HUGE deal for me because we live way out in the country and my nearest Home Depot happens to be 24 miles away!


Before and after paint

Using the ProjectColor™️App to make choosing the perfect paint color a breeze!

I used the app to find a perfect shade of white so that the Pavilion coordinates with the Cottage! It was so easy! Here’s how I did it…

The App has the ability to virtually paint any room, house, piece of furniture or whatever you can think of by simply taking a picture and using the “See It In Your Space” feature without having to paint anything. It’s incredible! It can even adjust by recognizing lighting conditions!

The Home Depot ProjectColor ™️

As soon as you’ve downloaded the color app, click on “LAUNCH COLOR MATCH“. This is so cool because it’ll take you right to your camera roll, Pinterest, or you can take a pic of anything and upload it to be color matched!

I took a picture of our exterior siding (because it’s super important our pavilion coordinates with the house) and the app searched thousands of colors and gave me three choices that were the very closest to the color!

The Home Depot ProjectColor ™️

I chose my color and went to the feature “SEE IT IN YOUR SPACE“. Since I am not painting a room I took a picture of our pavilion.

How to use The Home Depot ProjectColor ™️

After you choose a room, “tap” to see the color in your space AND see coordinating colors! Seriously, this app is so cool! Our DIY lives just got a whole lot easier guys! You can even order samples right from the app!

how to use The Home Depot ProjectColor ™️


I chose to use Behr Marquee Exterior Paint in the color Whisper White HDC-MD-08 and the sheen was Satin. I’ve used Behr paint for exterior jobs many times and love it because of its resistance to dirt and fading!

What is the best paint Behr

I ordered it online because I needed so much paint and had it shipped to my home! Next, I headed to my local Home Depot for my other supplies! The staff at my local Home Depot Paint Desk are extremely helpful. I’ve done so many paint projects I’m pretty sure I’m known on a first name basis at Home Depot in three different states!

The Easy Process Of Painting Our Pavilion

Out of all the paint projects I’ve tackled this was definitely the most fun! My projects are usually indoor and I have to take extra care to make sure I don’t drip on anything and I have to “cut-in” and it’s a much slower process.

the home depot paint sprayer

However, painting outside with this Paint Sprayer was AMAZING! Because we haven’t laid the flooring or the brick on the outdoor fireplace, I didn’t have to tape anything off or worry about a little overspray!

Painting outside is a dream! Once we had a few dry, sunny days in the forecast we got to work painting. The Behr Marquee paint covers like a dream! We had the entire pavilion finished in two days and I can’t even get over how good it looks!

The Home Depot ProjectColor ™️ taking the guesswork out of painting
Painting Project DIY

The Finished Project

There are hundreds of variations of white, finding the perfect white can be a huge challenge. The Home Depot ProjectColor™️ App made choosing the perfect paint color a breeze!

taking the guesswork out of painting

Guys, I am ecstatic with the final result! Just seeing the beautiful white pavilion pop against all the bright fall colors makes me OH SO happy!

Thanks to Project Color App and my new Graco Magnum ProX17 Airless Paint Sprayer, our DIY pavilion is all painted and ready for us to install the steel roof! I gotta say, that makes me one HAPPY DIYer!!!

taking the guesswork out of painting with The Home Depot

I cannot wait to finish building the fireplace and lay the floor, hang some beautiful outdoor string lights and host our first gathering with family and friends in our new backyard oasis!

taking the guesswork out of painting

Disclaimer: All of the opinions in this post are my own honest reviews due to my own personal experience with any and all products mentioned. I have been compensated by The Home Depot for this blog post.


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