Simple Front Door Refresh


Simple Front Door Refresh

Isn’t it amazing how simple changes can make such a big impact. I recently spent an afternoon giving Fletcher Creek Cottage a simple front door refresh and I can’t wait to share with you all the details!


Simple Front Door Refresh


I put together a few mood boards for inspiration, then spent a rainy afternoon picking up a few things to spruce up the front door/porch. I found a new welcome mat for the entry, some faux florals to make a new wreath with and a few live plants for my porch planter.



Next, I stopped at my local Sherwin Williams and picked up some exterior paint in the color “Honed Soapstone”. It’s a really pretty soft green/gray color, perfect for spring!


New Paint Color On Our Front Door


After adding Greta and Mabel (our two Bernese Mountain/Australian Shepherd puppies) to our family recently, our front entry door was in desperate need of some TLC. While we love our sweet girls so much, it took a while to train them not to jump on the front door. In the meantime they scratched the front door and the hardware too leaving our front entry looking really rough.

I mean…let’s be honest, the front door looked horrible and that’s not exactly the first impression I want for our entry.


We had a beautiful week in the 70s so I decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and give the front door a simple makeover for spring!


Once I had all my supplies, I made a new spring wreath, gave the door a light sanding before washing it thoroughly. I gave the door one full coat and a touch up coat before swapping out the old hardware for our new set.


Simple Front Door Refresh


If you’ve been following our journey for a while, you know we built our cottage on a major budget. We had a budget of 70K and keeping it under budget meant choosing the “budget friendly” option on a few small things like our front door hardware.

Not only was the hardware scratched, but it had been sticking for a couple months and needed to be replaced. This time around I chose this beautiful Traditional Handle-set H10-4610 in French Gold from Montana Forge. This quality hardware is stunning and so much better made than our previous set and no doubt will stand the test of time.



Traditional Handle-set H10-4610 in French Gold from Montana Forge

Simple Front Door Refresh



Simple Front Door Refresh

Simple Front Door Refresh


After I painted the exterior door and trim, I painted the inside of the door too.

I layered a large area rug under our smaller welcome mat, brought out our porch rocking chairs, hung up the new wreath and filled my concrete planter with some fresh greens/flowers.


cottage front door


A couple days later I had to move the flowers into the greenhouse because another cold front came through, but I’ll bring them out again as soon as it’s safe:)

For the interior, I painted the door the same color, added a new jute rug and called it good!

Simple Front Door Refresh

I’m so happy I took the time to give our little cottage a simple front door refresh, it really looks so good! I love it.





After swapping out my front door hardware I went one step further and changed out all my interior doors with matching hardware from Montana Forge  K1 Knob in French Gold.



We build our rustic interior barn doors using “Metal Trip” 2×6 scrap lumber and I love the contrast between the brass knobs against the rough sawn doors. There’s something about mixing the rustic door with the elegant knobs…it looks so nice together.




I hope this inspires you to give your entry a simple front door refresh too!

Isn’t it amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do. Painting is one of the most cost effective ways to freshen up any space, especially a front door and it’s so easy to do. If your entry is looking a bit rough like mine was or even a little drab, definitely consider a new coat of paint and better yet, replacing your worn out hardware for something new and welcoming.


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