Outdoor Christmas Decor Tour


Outdoor Christmas Decor Tour

Outdoor Christmas Decor Tour -The Front Porch


Outdoor Christmas Decor Tour


Christmas is almost here so I thought it would be fun to take you on a little Outdoor Christmas Decor Tour to share how I decorated outside this year! One of my favorite things about living somewhere that has four distinct seasons is decorating our home outdoors for Christmas. We usually get a lot of snow and it’s beautiful so I feel like anything I decorate with will only look better once it snows!  It’s a lot of fun and I look forward to it all year!


Outdoor Christmas Decor Tour

Outdoor Christmas Decor Tour – Making Fresh Garland

When we moved to Fletcher Creek a few years ago, I thought fresh garland would be beautiful on the front porch, but I needed 60 ft and I couldn’t see spending hundreds of dollars on something that I was going to toss out in a few weeks. So I decided to forage our new land and gather enough greenery to make a fresh garland. I hadn’t ever made it before but I figured “how hard can it be?”


how to make fresh christmas garland



I ended up making enough garland that year for the entire front porch and have continued the tradition every Christmas since. I wrote a full tutorial blog post HERE all about how to make your own garland. I also vlogged making my garland over on YouTube…so be sure to check that out HERE if you’d like to give it a try.



I always try to cut all my boughs before the first snowfall. That usually means the end of October or early November. It’s so much easier to gather them and make the garland when it’s fall weather and not snowing. The garland always stays fresh and I never have trouble with it drying out because I only use it outside where our temps are around freezing that time of year.



outdoor Christmas decor

Last year I also decorated the pavilion with fresh homemade garland and ended up keeping it up long past the new year just because it looked so pretty with all the snow on it! I hated to take it down!


Outdoor Christmas Decor Tour


This year I wanted to keep our front porch fairly simple. I added the fresh garland, made a fresh wreath for the front door. I dug up 3 little pines from my backyard and put them in planters. The first year we lived here I put a little faux tree out on the porch and it blew away…we live on a big hill and it gets super windy here. Ever since I’ve gone with live (planted) trees and they’ve worked a lot better. Sometimes they tip over, but they don’t blow too far away. I also added a small, vintage, wood snow shovel and hung children’s vintage skates from the shovel.


Outdoor Christmas Decor Tour

Outdoor Christmas Decor TourOutdoor Christmas Decor Tour


Outdoor Christmas Decor Tour


Outdoor Christmas Decor Tour – Decorating The Greenhouse

If you saw that this past spring I built a greenhouse with my family that you probably guess that I couldn’t wait to add a few Christmas decorations around it! I couldn’t resist. Again, I dug up a couple of little “Charlie Brown” Trees and planted them on either side of the door in larger planters.


Outdoor Christmas Decor Tour

I made a fresh wreath for the greenhouse door too and hung three gold bells in the center. Then I strung some white Christmas lights around the greenhouse and added a 6 foot Flocked Tree that I wasn’t planning on using inside. You can find how I made my fresh wreaths HERE.


Outdoor Christmas Decor Tour

Outdoor Christmas Decor Tour the greenhouse

Outdoor Christmas Decor Tour


Outdoor Christmas Decor Tour- Making Fresh Holiday Wreaths



Decorating our front porch and the greenhouse was so much fun! I’m so glad I was able to decorate using simple things found in my yard and a few things from my craft supply tub. I love how it all turned out! It definitely looks more beautiful when the snow lands on the garland and little trees.


Outdoor Christmas Decor Tour



I hope you enjoyed this little outside Christmas decor tour and I hope you have an absolutely wonderful Christmas season!



Set of 3 Gold Bells –

Berry Sprigs –

Grapevine Wreath Form –

Hoop Wreath From –

Burlap Bow –


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  1. Kim Waldorf says:

    It all looks so beautiful and you make it so simple and cost effective! Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas!!

    • Dena says:

      Thank you so much! I love keeping it simple and cost-effective so that’s such a nice complement! Have a Merry Christmas Kim!

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