Simple Patriotic Home Decor

Patriotic Home Decor For The 4th Of July & Summer Months

Front Porch Decor

Welcome! They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, but in the summer months, I’d say we live on the porch! Summertime in Northern Michigan is the best and we plan to enjoy every minute of it with some porch sitting, sunset watching, and family time! This year I kept my decor super simple by adding a few kinds of grass in some vintage tins and a watering can. Grasses are super budget-friendly so if it doesn’t live long, that’s okay…and I kind of like the way they resemble fireworks!


Patriotic Home Decor is perfect for the summer months! Even though I had every intention of making and hanging some DIY bunting with my porch lights, I ran out of time, yet I still love the way the porch turned out! You know how it goes, sometimes there isn’t enough time in the day for all the DIY projects on the list!


I love using anything red or blue this time of year like my father-in-law’s little red wagon from childhood! I also added a few vintage potato crates for side tables that are also from the farm my FIL grew up on! They are useful, charming and they were free…what more can you ask for!


Patriotic Living Room Decor

One of the simplest and inexpensive ways to decorate for the season is switching out your pillows! I saw this little flat pillow at a local shop and thought it would be a perfect addition to this room or to my hammock!


Another one of my tricks is to make a list of all the items I could use for decorating for that season and keep checking resale shops. I have been searching for a while for a vintage flag that was pretty large. I finally scored this beauty for $26.00…YAY! I think it fits so well above the shelf and looks so beautiful against the shiplap. I also added in a few more pillows that I had that are very neutral blues and the living room had a whole new look without spending any money!

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Did you know that Northern Michigan is the cherry capital of the world?! Yep, it is… so I love using faux cherry blossoms in my summer decor! I used my mom’s old butter churn to display the flowers because it has the prettiest blueish patina on it!

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Simple Dining Room Decor

For the dining room, I kept it super simple too. I added a blue ticking strip runner and an ironstone pitcher with a few vintage flags. I stuck in some faux lambs ear I had on hand and called it good! Tomorrow this table will be full of yummy food for our 4th of July party so I wanted it to be a minimal as possible!


A Welcoming Foyer

I have been collecting all sizes of chairs for years and child size are my favorite! With over 20 nieces and nephews, I love having an assortment of little chairs for them all to sit on! I found this little guy at a local shop and new it would be a fave! For the summer I get all my chairs out and squeeze them in here and there. I know they’ll get used by those sweet kiddos! Seriously…being an Aunt is the BEST!!!


I love the way this OH SWEET SKYEsign looks with a few flags as well! I love keeping it super simple!

1829992139506080964_IMG_7877 2

Summertime Farmhouse Kitchen

In the summer months, farm fresh fruit and veggies serve as our only decor! Strawberries, watermelon, sweet corn, cherries, snap peas and green beans…YUMMY! No one goes hungry in the summertime!

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I had so much fun sharing this little summertime/patriotic home decor with you! I hope this helped you see that changing your decor out doesn’t have to be complicated or costly! Adding a few plants such as grass or ferns and adding a small flag is the quickest way to just add a touch of patriotism! Thank you for being here friends and have a wonderful 4th of JULY!