Simple Fall Decorating Ideas

Looking for some simple fall decorating ideas for your home? Today I’m taking you on a little tour of Fletcher Creek cottage all decorated for fall! Join me as I share how simple fall decor can be!

Welcome, October…it’s wonderful to see you again!!! There is something so cozy about fall! Autumn brings crisp morning air, ever-changing colors and all things “pumpkin”! Sweaters come out and we all long to spend those chilly nights curled up in a blanket with a good book and a hot cup of your beverage of choice…for me, that’s coffee (no cream or sugar) or a cup of hot English tea with some local honey…yummmm!


Fall also means I have a good excuse to redecorate the cottage (as if I needed one) LOL! So today I am sharing how I like to approach fall decorating and how I like to keep it as SIMPLE as possible…but still make it cute and cozy as possible!

Simple Fall Decorating Ideas

When it comes to fall decor, I like to plan way ahead….that means planting a few pumpkin seeds in my garden in the spring! Even though there are many gorgeous faux options these days, I still love having real pumpkins here and there. Buying real ones can get really pricy really quick…so I plant my own and it cost me only a few dollars!


This year I planted cinderella pumpkins, little white ones, and regular orange pumpkins and somehow they cross-pollinated. I ended up with loads of little white pumpkins and really cool YELLOW cinderella pumpkins…and NO orange ones! Go figure! I remember one year my garden did so well that I was able to bring in a little pumpkin for each child in the entire childcare center at the school my kids attended! They had so much fun choosing their pumpkins!

Simple Fall Decorating Ideas

I love neutral decor and since my pumpkins came up white and yellow, I embraced it and made it my color pallet! Who says you have to use ORANGE and dark colors for fall?! Not me my friend, not me! I say use what you love…or in my case, what the garden gives you!


Because our home is mostly white, I added pops of mustard yellow and tans and tried to use lots of things found in nature!


Mums for the dining table. I used a vintage butter churn for a vase adding wheat grasses, sorghum stalks, and corn stalks. It’s so simple to add warmth by bringing in texture making it feel super cozy!


An easy way to change add color or texture is to add faux or dried stems to a simple wreath as I did. By added sprigs of wheat grasses to a twig wreath, I was able to bring in that pop of yellow again! These wooden yellow pears and apples (that I had on hand) felt like fall and went well with the pumpkins I had here and there. Pretty soon the cottage was looking like fall!


I love to decorate and change up my decor all the time but I always, always shop my backyard and my house first. Then if I need to, I shop for new decor, but usually, end up buying only a few things here and there! My absolute favorite places to find cool decor are barn markets/flea markets! I try to buy local or handmade anytime I can! Adding unique vintage items or handmade art, pillows, or decor into my home always makes it feel special and more like home…and NOT so cookie-cutter!


Well, now that I’ve shared my fall decorating ideas with you, I’d love to know…what are some of your favorite ways to incorporate fall decor into your home?


Because I live in a climate with 4 seasons, it’s really simple for me to keep real pumpkins from rotting on my front porch! I know that’s probably not feasible for a lot of people depending on your climate! That’s the beauty of decorating our homes! They’re ours and what we like is unique to us. There is no right or wrong when it comes to fall home decor! Maybe you like to keep it really simple or go all out? As long as you feel cozy and at HOME!


Thank you for taking a tour of Fletcher Creek Cottage all dressed up for fall and…if you are someone who LOVES Christmas, be sure to check out Fletcher Creek Cottage all spruced up for the holidays last year on my blog post Vintage Christmas and Cozy~Christmas~Cottage Tour

  1. Brenda says:

    It’s so lovely as usual Dena! Your simple and cozy style makes me wish I could visit and join you for some tea and your latest baked goodie!

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