DIY Pavilion: Masonry Work for Columns

When it comes to DIY projects we are willing to take on just about anything!

Today we are tackling our DIY pavilion by working on the masonry for the fireplace & columns!

DIY Pavilion Build: Masonry/ Fireplace & Columns

You guys are probably wondering what in the world is happening with the pavilion project?! We’ve been working on it just about every day and today I’ve got an update for you! Let’s jump right into the next steps in the DIY Pavilion Project!

We had a feeling this step in the pavilion project was going to take the most time and be the hardest of the entire build and boy were we were RIGHT!

As soon as all the concrete block was delivered, we got to work and guys, let me tell you….masonry is hard WORK! The first day we started on the block, it was 90+ degrees and we had a terrible time keeping our mortar right. You really have to have the consistency absolutely perfect or it just will not stick.

Like anything in life, it was all trial and error. Full disclosure…it wasn’t an easy day! There was a whole lot of error. Which led me to do more research on laying block and mixing mortar! I changed up the ratios in my mix of Mortar, Lime, and Portland Cement and by the next day, and we had hit our stride!

DIY Pavilion Build: Masonry/ Fireplace & Columns

We spent most of July and August laying all the block for the 10 columns as well as the huge base of what will be under the fireplace! I had no idea how incredibly heavy the blocks were! I totally skipped my morning workouts the entire time we were working on the pavilion block! LOL!

Did I mention we’ve NEVER done blockwork completely on our own before this project?! Ha! I know I did…but I want it to sink in. You don’t have to be an expert at something to DIY it. We learned SO MUCH just by jumping in! Thank goodness that the first four rows of the block are buried under the ground because they definitely aren’t the prettiest! But hey, that’s okay! What’s important is that they are square/level and structurally sound!

Dena Fletcher Creek Cottage

After weeks of working with mortar and block, we are both confident that we will be able to do the brickwork as well! It may take us until next year (weather permitting it won’t be quite that long) but I am determined we can do it!!!

When all the block was cured it was time to pour the cores full of concrete. Our blueprints called for it, so we added rebar for extra support. So as always, it was all hands on deck! Pouring the cores took less than an hour! Many hands make light work! Does anyone else have a grandma that always said that?!

Dena Fletcher Creek Cottage/ diy backyard pavilion build

Next up… bring in more fill! Aaron (my husband) spent a few more days bringing in even more sand and I compacted it all every 6 inches of fill. The first four rows of the block (that sit on top of our poured concrete footings) are now buried!

building our pavilion diy


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