Creating A Cozy And Functional At Home Office Space

Do you dream about having a functional yet beautiful office workspace at home?! Or maybe you already have an awesome desk/office space with everything in its place! If you do, then you know how fantastic it is! This week I decided to take the empty corner in our loft and turn it into a cozy and functional workspace for momma…AKA: me!!!


Out of all of the homes I’ve lived in over the years, only one of them had a designated office area that was built in. It was nice, but it was in the kitchen. The kitchen was a U shape and the cabinets ended by the table area and had a small desk there will a few drawers. It was nice, in theory, but guys, I am a momma and I spend so much time in the kitchen already! The last place I wanted to sit down to do office work was in the KITCHEN! When we build our main house on our property, the office space will NOT be in my kitchen! Just my personal preference!

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In each of our other homes, I just carved out a small space and turned it into an office area. Really all you need is a table or desk with a comfy chair and a way to store a few office supplies. I have used baskets, shelves, inexpensive wall towers with pull out drawers, and even a ladder shelf for each office workspace I’ve had. Every home we lived in was so different. We’ve lived in a few apartments, a few condos, a company apartment, bungalows, one ranch, a few old farmhouses, a 900 sq ft. chalet, a HUGE plantation home (that was the one with the built-in desk in the kitchen), and now we live in this humble cottage! So in each home, I had to create the space for an office where there really wasn’t one!


When we finished the cottage loft, we added a whole wall with two desks and storage space! It is absolutely awesome for our family of 4. We have space to keep our papers, mail, printer, paper shredder and all the things my husband and I use regularly. The desk area also has two chairs so our kiddos each have a cabinet and drawer as well as six feet of workspace! It is the perfect spot for getting their homework done!


I really wanted to add one more small office area dedicated to just my things. That way the kids could work on homework at their desks and I could have a spot to spread out. I like having a table instead of a desk in this case because it will work great whenever I want to use my sewing machine or work on a painting.



Last week I took on the challenge of deconstructing a chair. I wrote a blog post about it recently and you can check that out here.  Also, just before Christmas, I had chalk painted an old table that I had gotten years ago for free and last week but I only had time to get one coat on it. Today I finished the second coat. The table works perfectly with the deconstructed chair! I was worried they would be the wrong height…but its great!


All I really needed to buy for this space was the wall caddie and the bulletin board. Everything else I already had on hand. I brought in some pretty inspiration on the walls, a clock, a cozy throw, and a few writing utensils. I had these gold frames and I could not resist framing these beautiful prints from Currier & Ives! They have me dreaming of spring!


All I need to do now is add in my laptop and some coffee and I’ll be a happy camper…or I guess a happy blogger!!! Haha!


I am so EXCITED to have a spot just for me and I’m thrilled that I get use my deconstructed chair for a desk chair! It’s so comfortable! I found a spot for the old table and my “new” chair… I’d say that’s a WIN-WIN!


Whether you are working, resting, playing or DIYing some big project I hope that you have a fantastic weekend!



1 Corinthians 14:40 – Let all things be done decently and in order.

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