My Top Two Small Shops For Beautiful Farmhouse Signs

HAND AND SOUL DESIGN: Beautiful Custom Farmhouse Signs and Home Decor

If you’re anything like me, you love a good farmhouse sign! I use to love making them with leftover materials from our DIY house projects! I still have a few of the ones I made and I love them! I have a fun time making things myself, but there are so many entrepreneurs making farmhouse signs that are WAY better then I could ever make! So I started looking around for some farmhouse signs and fell in love with two small shops! I wanted to do a blog post to introduce you to them…well because they are both absolutely fabulous!


One of the first friendships I made last year on Instagram was with Singrid from @handandsouldesing . She is so talented and was able to custom make me our “FLETCHER CREEK COTTAGE” I am so impressed by this sign! In actuality, I am over the moon for this sign guys! Working with Singrid on this farmhouse sign, I was able to pick the font, color, and frame! She even sent me updates as she was working on it! I was so impressed with her customer service!


I think what I love most about this sign is the meaning behind it. After 17 moves in our short (17 years of marriage) we finally feel HOME. We added the “~HOME AT LAST~ to the bottom of the sign and that made it perfect!


Hand and Soul Desing has many items in her shop from custom pillows to replicas of handwritten notes! If you are looking for a custom piece for your home, I would recommend you checking out her Instagram or her Etsy Shop! This is NOT an affiliate link (just FYI) …but you can find her Etsy shop here! I hope you’ll check out Singrids shop!!!


I also love that no matter what season it is or how I decorate, it always looks fabulous!


SMALL WOOD HOME: Farmhouse Signs/Scrolls/Beautiful Custom Prints

The other Farmhouse sign company I LOVE is @SMALLWOODHOME. I placed my first order from Small Wood Home right before Christmas this year because I just loved their scrolls! I think scrolls are fantastic because you can roll them up and store them easily after the season is over! I mean how cute are these Christmas scrolls?!?!? I really hated to take them down!

10774412336_IMG_371610739597600_IMG_3243 4

They have so many signs to choose from, but some of my favorites are their patent prints! Of course, I fell in love with the camera sign now that I am a “blogger”! It makes me so happy seeing this from my desk! It makes me want to get out there and snap more photos!!!


This beautiful sign was one I picked out to surprise my husband! I thought it would add a little romance to the bedroom! At least I think that it’s super sweet! I love it right above the bed…however I am on the lookout for some architectural salvage to hang behind it for some dimension! What do you guys think? I’d love to hear your suggestions!



I definitely couldn’t resist this gorgeous map for our office area! It is such a statement piece!


Here are a few more of the beautiful Patton prints! One is of a bicycle and the other a locomotive! I have these hanging in my son’s room! After we build the DIY loft/bunk beds in his room, it looked a little plain on the other side of the room and he was thrilled that I added these! He wants to be an inventor/engineer when he grows up so he’s all about the vintage patents. If you’d like to see the full tour and how we built our kiddos a really cool bunk bed/loft,  you can read more about that here!


Small Wood Home also has this gorgeous “Amazing Grace” sheet music sing! My daughter loves singing so much, that we thought it would be just right in her bedroom!


Right now I have this large Longhorn sepia style print in my living room, above the shelf! We are heading to Waco, TX to visit the Magnolia Silos in a couple weeks, so I thought this would be fitting decor for the winter months!

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I really enjoyed writing this post and sharing these two amazing companies with you! And if you are in the market for a beautiful farmhouse sing, I encourage you to check them both out! The selections are wonderful and if you are not ready to commit to a large sign, I’d suggest trying the scrolls! They are so easy to store, lightweight and look amazing in any space!!



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