Cozy Fall Outdoor Decorating Ideas

Now that Fall is officially here, I’m excited to share how I decorated our pavilion and a few ideas on how to make any outdoor living space extra cozy this Fall!

Cozy Fall Outdoor Decorating Ideas

There are few places in the world that are more beautiful than Northern Michigan in the fall! It’s breathtaking! The colors on the trees are so vibrant they almost don’t look real and the temperatures are the perfect amount of chilly! It’s the time of year when we all want to be outside enjoying the fresh air and beautiful views as much as we can!

Adding Cozy Fall Vibes to an Outdoor Space

I always look forward to decorating our home and making it feel cozy for fall, but this year I couldn’t wait to decorate my outdoor living space! Last year at this time we were pouring the footings on this pavilion and one year later we are so excited to be enjoying this space every single day! The views are incredible this time of year and we LOVE spending time in the evenings there watching the sunsets! With the chill in the air, I’ve been craving “cozy” and the pavilion has been my go-to spot for unwinding and getting cozy!

Cozy Fall Outdoor Decorating Ideas

This outdoor space is surrounded by 65 acres of rolling hills with an assortment of trees that are changing color daily so when it comes to decorating I only needed to add a few things here and there to make the pavilion extra cozy!

Simple Outdoor Fall Decorating

I started in the outdoor dining room area of the pavilion. I placed pumpkins of all shapes and colors down the center of both of the two, sixteen-foot farmhouse tables. I wanted to keep the tables fairly simple while adding some texture and color …and I figure, you can’t go wrong with pumpkins, right!!!

Cozy Fall Outdoor Decorating Ideas

We were able to grow some pumpkins this year in our little patch! I also found some of these beautiful green pumpkins at a local garden center! Aren’t they cool!?  I really love the contrast of the pumpkins against the wood tables!

Cozy Fall Outdoor Decorating Ideas

We love hosting family chili dinners and pumpkin carving contests! These tables are going to get plenty of use this fall and keeping the tabletops fairly clear of decor will make it easier for us to use them all season long!

Fall Decorating Ideas for an Outdoor Living Space

Over on the other half of the pavilion is our outdoor living room area. This is the west end and we plan to build a fireplace here soon! I can’t wait to see the fireplace completed and I can imagine the mantel all decorated for fall one day! But, even though we don’t have a fireplace yet, this is by far our favorite spot to relax in the evenings.

Cozy Fall Outdoor Decorating Ideas

Warm Up Your Outdoor Space By Adding An Area Rug

One of the things that helps this outdoor space feel warm and cozy for fall is the area rug! This rug is called the Warwick Rug and it’s from It’s incredibly SOFT, especially for an outdoor rug! Having an area rug makes this outdoor space feel so much like a living space!  I love that this rug is UV, mold, and mildew resistant too so I don’t have to worry about it getting rained on or anything!

Cozy Fall Outdoor Decorating Ideas

Swap Out The Throw Pillows On Your Patio Furniture For Fall

Our patio furniture is completely neutral. I love that it goes with anything and I can just swap out the pillow covers for fall! Just adding a few pillows with texture and richer colors added a lot of warmth! A couple of them are a muted mustard yellow color! It’s so cool how the pillows are the same color as a few of the nearby trees right now! The warm tones make it feel super cozy!

Cozy Fall Outdoor Decor

Adding Throw Blankets

Our fireplace isn’t built yet and the nights here can be chilly! Bringing out a few fall throw blankets to the pavilion has been a wonderful way to stay cozy! They keep us so warm we tend to stay and relax outside out so much longer when we are all cuddled up under a blanket!

Cozy Fall Outdoor Decorating Ideas

I found a few of my blankets for $20 ea at Home Goods. They are SO soft! You really can find blankets like this just about anywhere this time of year! Adding a blanket to your patio furniture or porch rockers is a really great way to bring in some fall colors …without needing to be watered (like mums need to be)!!!

Decorating For Fall Using Things Found Outdoors

Speaking of watering. One of my favorite ways to decorate an outdoor space for fall is to scavenge the yard or flower garden and make a dried flower arrangement. I love the look of dried flowers for fall and the best part is, they’re FREE….and there’s no watering required!!!

Fall Decor

This year my mom gifted me some stems from her flower garden and I think they look wonderful all dried down! If you don’t have a place to scavenge for stems but you like the look…try checking the dried flower aisle at Hobby Lobby! I’ve had good luck there in the past. They have a really great assortment of dried stems! I set a few of them on a side table next to a basket of fall magazines. I would say this is the best spot to read a good book…but let’s be honest! This spot is too cozy! Whenever I try reading here…reading time always turns into NAP time!!!


Cozy Fall Outdoor Decorating Ideas

Now that the pavilion is all set for fall, I’ll be decorating the porch next! Thank you for touring the pavilion with me and I hope that you were inspired to make your outdoor space a super cozy spot to relax and take in all the beautiful view this fall!


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  1. Kim Waldorf says:

    Looks beautiful! What a great job you did on this pavilion!

    • Dena says:

      Thank you, Kim! We had such a wonderful time building the pavilion and I couldn’t wait to decorate it for fall!

  2. Danielle says:

    Your pavilion is just the most beautiful outdoor area!!! I’d love to come sit there some day!

    • Dena says:

      Aww, thank you so much! This time of year is so beautiful with all the colors changing…and you’re welcome here anytime for some coffee or hot chocolate out in the pavilion!

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